Nasal polyps are a common condition that involves localized swelling in the nose or opening of the sinuses that develop as a result of chronic nasal and sinus inflammation.

While not usually cancerous, polyps cause nasal obstruction, breathing difficulties and frequent sinus infections.  Many polyps can be decreased in size through medication, but others may require more advanced treatment. A polypectomy is a surgical procedure that completely removes polyps to relieve symptoms and reduce the chance of recurrence.

This procedure can be performed in your doctor’s office with a small mechanical suction device or a microdebrider.  After removal, a biopsy of the polyp is taken to make sure it was not cancerous.After a polypectomy, patients can return to work and other regular activities right away.

You may be given a nasal douche and nasal steroids to help keep the area clear and prevent the polyps from quickly returning.